Compliance advisory services

We offer a full scope of Advisory Services for your BSA/AML, OFAC and other compliance requirements.

  • Business Line Review and Assessment

    Ensure the adequacy of the policies, procedures and systems used for your BSA/AML, OFAC and other Compliance risks.

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  • Risk Assessment

    Quantitative and qualitative assessment of risks affecting your organization including feedback for refining your objectives.

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  • Transaction Reviews and Investigations

    Apply optimal methods to efficiently analyze any period of prior activity for identifying OFAC, BSA/AML, 314A or other concerns.

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  • Audit & Regulatory Remediation

    Use our Team-based approach to identify and plan for the timely resolution and correction of business risks or deficiencies.

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  • Internal Audit & Controls Assessments

    Complete analytical review with suitable testing to identify risks or inaccuracies for awareness and remediation.

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Model risk management

Utilize tested, technology driven, and data rich approaches to support and enhance your financial reporting and strategic or risk decisions.

  • Model Governance

    Assess your financial and risk model governance processes to assure they are operating as required as per the latest regulatory guidance.

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  • Independent Model Validations

    Validate your financial and risk models to assure they are operating as required and validate all components used in management decisions.

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  • Custom Model Development & Implementation

    Collaborate with your Team to develop, validate and implement essential business models.

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  • Model Business Requirements

    Collaborate to describe and validate your Business Requirements in visual and written form.

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  • Model Optimization

    Review your any existing business models and recommend enhancements or essential changes.

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Compliance technology services

Comprehensive collection of services to align your compliance and systems strategy to yield better ROI.

  • Product (or Model) Optimization

    Apply unique methods to review and optimize products and models resulting in improved business decisions.

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  • Product (or Model) Implementation

    Assist with your planning for product or model creation and implementation.

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  • Technology Assessment and Systems Selection

    Evaluate your compliance technology and assist with architecture changes or proper selection of replacement systems.

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  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

    Conduct all types of testing to assure the requirements of your specification or project were met and are being implemented appropriately.

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  • Staff Augmentation

    Provide highly experienced and professional resources on a contract basis to supplement or enhance your current staff and their skill sets.

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Advantage compliance suite

Our suite of products helps our customers achieve the best

Advantage Analytics

Comprehensive collection of visualization and business intelligence tools the fills the void found in many AML/OFAC systems.

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Advantage OFAC Reconciliation

This innovative software product provides an automated and independent reconciliation of the official OFAC database with your data vendor’s distribution.

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Advantage Country Extractor

A dynamic tool to mitigate the risk of improper geographic information.

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Advantage Party Validator

Real-time automated solution for checking payments adherence to Travel Rule Requirements.

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Our clients

Case studies

Advantage Analytics

How do you know that the AML rules used by your organization are effective?

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Country Extract

Learn how mitigate the risk of improper geographical information.

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Model Validation

Find out how you can reduce cost and risk of regulatory finding.

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Enterprise Risk

Bring in measurable value to your institutions risk management process.

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About us

Telavance is a leading provider of risk and regulatory compliance service and software solutions to financial institutions. We offer leadership and expertise in the areas risk assessment and mitigation, AML program reviews and design, model risk management, regulatory remediation, lookbacks, and software system enhancements / optimizations.

Management team

Gokul Kallambunathil

Senior Vice President Professional Services

RamaSubbaRao Pappu

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Mahesh Viswanathan

Senior Vice President, Business Development


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