Staff Augmentation

Telavance provides highly experienced, professional resources on a contract basis to supplement or enhance your current staff and their skill sets.


  • Utilize our resources to ensure you meet the timelines associated with your priority projects.
  • Experienced Telavance professionals leverage their knowledge to help you obtain optimal results.
  • We can provide highly skilled resources for whatever interval and duration you require whether your need is for short-term, or long-term, for a daily, weekly, or indefinite basis.
  • Telavance applies a redundant approach allowing us to ensure you won’t have gaps in your contracted resource availability or available skill sets.

Service Description

All organizations face the ongoing challenge of retaining skilled and knowledgeable staff. Ensuring that sufficient resource levels are available to staff your new projects or meet your ongoing line of business support requirements is a puzzle every organization struggles to solve. Further, the special skill sets needed by Compliance professionals and IT professionals, who must deliver results with minimal lead time and fit in quickly to your organization, are often exceptionally difficult to find. Telavance excels at providing highly knowledgeable and professional staff who have the appropriate depth of experience and business skills to meet the needs of your project or organization. Whether you require on-site or remote resources we can provide the talent you need to successfully achieve and deliver your business requirements. Our resources are knowledgeable in key areas such as major database software and operating systems, enterprise business and compliance applications, testing and documentation services, and others.