Product (or Model) Implementation

Assist with your planning for product or model creation and implementation.


  • Leverage our extensive experience in working with models to achieve an optimal implementation for your organization.
  • Ensure that requirements for any ongoing model maintenance or changes due to results analysis are considered.
  • Implement your models consistent with your model governance standards as applied across your organization.

Service Description

Have you planned and constructed models for your business risk and activities but experienced difficulty in making them work or assuring they truly align with your organizations goals? The creation of well-aligned models is essential to avoiding gaps in analyzing the risks that your various business activities will present. Telavance can leverage its experience and expertise in working with models to efficiently coordinate the implementation of these vital tools. Your key business decisions and indicators must be analyzed on an ongoing, automated basis to keep them accurate and optimally provide assurance they are continuing to meet your compliance goals and initiatives.


Professional. Expert. Cost Effective. These would be some of the words I would use to describe our experience with Telavance Inc. They were sought out to provide a training seminar to our Compliance staff on all aspects of our automated monitoring system. They were able to work around a tight schedule and accommodate our needs with the expert guidance of a seasoned CAMS certified professional who is highly regarded as a specialist in the field of Compliance. They helped provide an in-depth training seminar which will help prepare us for any questions regulators have regarding our monitoring program. The staff at Telavance have been extremely proficient in following up with any potential Compliance related issues and I have no doubt I will be working with them on numerous projects in the future, whether it be system validations, training sessions, or product implementation. With the level of expertise they have provided, I have full confidence the staff at Telavance would exceed all expectations.

- Dominic D’Andrea, BSA Compliance Officer, Habib Bank Limited