Model Governance

Assess your financial and risk model governance processes to assure they are operating as required as per the latest regulatory guidance.


  • Our independent assessment will confirm your Models are aligned with the latest regulations despite constant regulatory changes.
  • Gain the assurance that you are not exposed to gaps in your governance models or processes.v
  • Confirm your models are continuing to reflect and meet your actual compliance initiatives and goals for proper decisions.

Service Description

Models are tools that are components of a larger set of business management processes and activities. These tools provide essential information for efficient management decisions. Like any tool however, a model must be periodically maintained, adjusted and assessed. Telavance can bring its experience in working with Model Governance to your organization and ensure your organization remains proactive in its management of model risks. We can also help identify and prioritize your higher risk models and ensure they remain aligned with compliance initiatives. Properly managing model risk results in the confidence needed concerning the model’s outputs and thus proper model usage.