Independent Model Validations

Validate your financial and risk models to assure they are operating as required and validate all components used in management decisions.


  • Generate metrics that provide an improved understanding of your models.
  • Apply statistical validation of your models and related processes and provide documented results.
  • Limit risk that would otherwise result from using models which are not validated, adjusted or “tuned” for your organization.

Service Description

Applying models is an appropriate and essential approach for organizations to make strategic and risk related decisions efficiently and consistently. Model risk is a subset of operational risk for a firm. Assuring that the models you create and apply are accurate and properly incorporate all needed aspects of your business and risks is essential to their successful use. Telavance can evaluate and validate your models to confirm their validity for your business activities and risks.


I thank you and the team at Telavance for carrying out the IRSM Validation at our Chicago Office within the given timeframe. As always it is a pleasure working with the team from Telavance. The professional approach combined with astute knowledge and experience that you bring in definitely meets our needs. The firm has been adept at understanding our needs. We look forward to engaging Telavance for other projects in future too.

-Kartik Swamy, Vice President, Systems & Tech & AMLO, State Bank of India