Custom Model Development & Implementation

Collaborate with your Team to develop, validate and implement essential business models.


  • Leverage our expertise to help you develop and implement models that are efficient and effective and best reflect your organizations culture and goals.
  • Ensure that the challenges posed by Technology, Tasks and Resources are mitigated by our guidance to successfully create and implement your models.

Service Description

Many organizations still avoid the creation and use of models to guide their business for compliance and risk decisions. These firms view the challenges related to building and maintaining accurate models as beyond their capabilities and end up not employing what has become an essential tool in managing their business and one now mandated by Regulators. In fact, the growing consensus is that model governance standards must be consistently applied across an enterprise. Telavance can leverage its experience and expertise in working with models to efficiently build these tools for your business and help put in place the maintenance processes needed to keep them accurate and optimal.


Bank of Baroda has utilized the services of Mr. Rama Subba Rao Pappu in his capacity as Managing Partner of Idola Infotech and now as Senior Vice President, Telavance. He and his team including Ms. Rukmini Pappu has performed various engagements for the Bank in resolving issues and value additions to the functioning of the BSA/AML transaction monitoring software used by us in order to meet our regulatory requirements. The firm has been adept at understanding our business needs, providing valuable advice and implementing effective solutions and we are satisfied with the services provided.

- Mausumi Mitra, Manager Compliance, Bank of Baroda