Audit & Regulatory Remediation

Use our Team-based approach to identify and plan for the timely resolution and correction of business risks or deficiencies.


  • Identify undisclosed risks to your business and determine exposure and remedial options.
  • For any risks or deficiencies identified, construct a prioritized remediation plan that makes sense for and is consistent with your organization’s goals, resources and standards.
  • Liaison with your staff to ensure any lapse in procedure or compliance is fully understood from a root cause perspective to help avoid reoccurrence.
  • Provide guidance for appropriate and selected remedial actions, and monitor for their completion.
  • Perform testing to ensure that remedial actions were implemented and documented accordingly.

Service Description

Ideally, all organizations need to completely and successfully accomplish their risk management strategy. In reality and given the myriad of unique activities or complex challenges a business may face, they may occasionally fail to do so creating a situation requiring remediation of unexpected business risks. Many companies have turned to Telavance to help them remediate and manage their business risks. Whether the risks result from operational lapses such as failure to control segregation of duties, or limit Sensitive access, or are financial in nature such as transaction types not monitored for AML analytics, Telavance will assist you with correcting these situations properly.