Telavance Hosts a Webinar on: Understanding the Panama Papers: Challenges & Risks



On July 8, 2016 Telavance hosts a Webinar on: "Understanding the Panama Papers: Challenges & Risks". The Panama Papers leak provided evidence of how shell companies and intermediaries are used by money launderers and tax evaders. What’s more shocking is the sophisticated techniques involved in the creation of such a huge tax haven base. The role and involvement of global institutions deliberately or unknowingly to facilitate transactions into these shell company accounts cannot be understated. This resourceful webinar examines how to evaluate the risk exposure and outlines the actions needed to mitigate the same.


Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of Panama Papers Leak.
  • Analyzing compliance risk exposure to your institution.
  • Examine strategies to assess, mitigate and strengthen your institution’s anti-bribery, corruption and PEP screening.
  • Analyze possible actions of regulatory officials to report on your institutions risk exposure.

Who should attend:

Chief Compliance Officers, Compliance Personnel, Government Regulators, Technology Officers, Industry Consultants


Banking, Technology, Law Enforcement, Regulatory Agencies


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