Actimize Automation

Financial institutions constantly receive transaction information in large data sets everyday. Those transactions must be monitored for high risk activity through transaction monitoring systems and go through multiple steps or jobs to be monitored properly. Job automation within these systems can lessen the likelihood of high risk activity being missed and the work load for those running the systems.


Focusing on Actimize's job automation for Suspicious Activity Monitoring System (SAM), there are multiple stages in the monitoring process to ensure that each transaction is looked at properly. Once the ETL system captured the information from the source system in to the Actimize staging database the Actimize jobs will start to process the data to generate alerts. Actimize processes the information in three stages

    • Actimize Staging
    • Actimize CDS database
    • SAM Daily/Monthly jobs

These jobs are done daily automatically and need to be done in periodic order receiving flags when each job is done to start the next cycle. Unfortunately there is lack of direction if a job fails.  If the error code is not returned properly the next job will start and it creates issues that needs be resolved with manual intervention.


The way to fix the issues within the Actimize job automation is to create standard scripts to make sure all problems are handled automatically. The reconciliation process between the data sources and the Actimize Staging and CDS database should be created in order to maintain the data consistency that will help in identifying the missing data if an ETL or Actimize job fails.


The job automation should also include the process of taking backups of the major Actimize system tables from APP and PROFILE databases, which contain the Profile and Events created during the daily and monthly jobs cycles.


A system can have up to thirty scripts to cover multiple scenarios that should evaluate a problem dynamically and generate a relevant failure code and hand over the process once completed successfully. These scenarios can ensure that jobs will not start until the one before finishes and was successful or ensure that the job handover is done correctly.


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