Advantage Analytics

The Challenge

How do you know that the AML rules used by your organization are effective? Can you demonstrate to your regulators and management that the risks in your models are managed? Can you easily overcome limitations inherent in your case management system? Is your staff addressing the most important cases on a timely basis? The answer to these and many other questions are at the center of the Chief Compliance Officer’s CCO) responsibility.

Yet, getting answers to these questions are often hindered by proprietary software restrictions, non-transparent rules, and lack of combined technical/compliance resources to perform needed analysis. Despite these limitations, regulators are increasingly looking for satisfactory demonstration of the CCO’s control.

The Solution

To address this challenge, Telavance has developed Advantage Analytics™. It is a comprehensive collection of visualization and business intelligence tools that fill the void found in many AML systems. Advantage Analytics provides a comprehensive set of dynamic charts and reports that are focused on the following goals:

Advantage Analytics™ opens the “black box” that many AML systems represent. It provides enhanced system control and information that will drive greater value form an AML system while meeting the demands of the regulatory community.