Mahesh Viswanathan

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Mahesh is a recognized leader in the management of risk and compliance organizations. He is a Senior Vice President at Telavance and is responsible for Account Management. He established an organization that was widely recognized for its exceptional quality and innovative solutions. During his tenure, he established a team that developed and implemented the industry leading anti-money laundering and risk rating software products. He was also responsible for fostering a key, strategic relationship with FIS (formerly known as Metavante/Prime Associates) which led to implementing over 200 risk and compliance software solutions across a diverse range of financial institutions. With over 15 years of experience in the financial sector, Mahesh is known as an industry expert and is often engaged by senior bankers to provide strategic advice.

Prior to Telavance, Mahesh held various senior management positions including director of pre-sales, manager of offshore  development, and senior executive overseeing partner relationships and software development. His projects often involved some of the world largest organizations including IBM where he led the development of a market-leading front office solution for broker dealers and a fully integrated insurance policy management and claims processing software product.

Mahesh’s broad experience crosses both business development and technology. He has been involved in multiple industries including financial services, ecommerce and pharmaceutical. Some of his key client relationships include CITIGroup, Bank of New York, Reuters, KBC Bank, United Bank of Africa, and Wilshire Insurance among many others.

Mahesh is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering specializing in computer science from Bharathidasan University, India